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Sonny's Asphalt Paving offers residential, commercial and industrial services throughout Middle Tennessee,  Southern Kentucky.

* Including Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga areas in Tennesee
* Bowling Green, ......areas in Kentucky

   We are specialists in Tar and Chip - a more economical alternative to Black Top or Concrete. Tar and Chip is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paving options. 

Sonny's Paving provides experienced professional installation for any paving project:

                                  * Tar and Chip
                                  * Asphalt Paving
                                  * Resurfacing
                                 * Striping and Signage
                                  * Professional Sealcoating
                                  * Repairs, Patch Work and Crack Filling
                                  * Grade Work

Don't forget to click on our above links to learn more and see actual photos of how Tar and Chip can improve the look
and value of your property for a fraction of the cost of traditional paving options while contributing to a greener, cleaner environment.
To view how Tar and Chip is installed please enjoy the "Ask the Builder" video below.

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When you consider your next paving project please allow Sonny's Paving to provide you with a quality product      provided by experienced professionals.

Call Sonny's Paving today for a FREE estimate or email with any questions: 
(615) 642-3960

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